Lost in Newton Mearns

Went to photograph a farm in deepest Ayrshire today, but the light wasn’t right and I wasn’t happy with the results, so until the results suit me, you won’t be seeing them here.  My blog, my rules!  After that, I got solidly lost in the hinterland of Newton Mearns.  Didn’t actually thing they’d allow a dobber like me into their gated community, but they did.  Having said that, the polis did tail me for a few miles, just to make sure I got the message and got back on the M77 sharpish.

DSC_8982-Edit- blog-2

This is the Balgray reservoir.  To be more precise, it’s the access walkway to the little control tower on the reservoir.  I liked the detail in this vandal deterrent.  You can see by the graffiti on the door in the background that it’s more decoration than deterrent, unfortunately.

DSC_8990-Edit- blog-3

This is the picture of the day.  It’s the tower and access walkway at the reservoir.  I watched two Polish blokes fishing nearby.  One of them caught a pike.  I remember my dad telling me that Poles used to fish in the loch at Glenboig for pike and were the few people who would eat the fish.



I left the dreadful Blipfoto today.  It’s been on my hit list for a few weeks now.  It consistently loses entries I add to my collection there.  The interface is clunky and extremely user-unfriendly.  Ok, so is this at times, but I’m making this my own as I go along.  Any mistakes are mine, not some dobber in Embra collecting my money and not providing a decent service.  It was good to start with, but now it’s becoming worse each week, so I’ve left.  That leaves me with Flickr (slow, but a reasonably good audience) and this (long may it continue).  Thoughts of Chairman Zog.

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