Manic Monday – 25 April 2016

comboMost Mondays are manic for one reason or another.  Usually because they are formulaic in that we both float about in the morning, then have lunch and immediately after that Scamp goes to pick up some of Gems while I pack my bag and head off to the gym.  Get back once Gems have dispersed, grab a quick PoD and then make dinner before we go to salsa practise.  Back about 9.30, process the pics and write up the blog.  Manic.

Today we went to the pool for a swim because Scamp’s shoulder isn’t up to gym type exercise.  Swam for a while before the pool got ridiculously crowded (eight people trying to swim lengths were five are uncomfortably close).  Spent some time in the sauna and the steam room, then came home for lunch and for Scamp to pick up Gems.  I tried to paint for a while in the afternoon but I couldn’t concentrate, so I booted up and went for a walk to St Mo’s.  I immediately noticed a couple of deer right in front of me.  I tried a few shots but they were all views from the rear.  I didn’t bother to post them because nobody is interested in deers’ bums, except perhaps other deer and since, to the best of my knowledge no deer are visiting my blog or Flickr page, I thought I’d give the photos a miss.  I did get some nice (well, I think so anyway) contre-jour shots of trees and leafs, oh yes, I also got shots of a patient hoverfly and a shivering butterfly.  Taken in a hail storm while the sun was shining – It’s Scotland, you get used to that kind of weather.

That’s about it for Monday.  Not quite as manic as usual and not as formulaic as it sometimes is.  It just takes a little change to make all the difference.

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