On Skye

Up and off fairly early and with little traffic, we made good time on to Skye.
DSC_8584- blog

I’m not sure what made me take this shot. The title would be Turkey’s Off.  Taken at Kyleakin.  It’s ages since we stopped here and now I know why.  It’s like a ghost town since the bridge was built.  A town with no reason to exist.

DSC_8594- blog

This shot was taken with my old Nikon 70-210 and it still provides better images than the Tamron 18-200.  I think there’s more contrast and sharpness in the lens, despite the fact there’s so much dirt inside it.  Unfortunately, I’d wreck it if I tried to clean it and it’d cost more than its worth to have it cleaned professionally.  Still gets the title of photo of the day.


DSC_8684-Edit- blog

I’ve been meaning to take this shot at Broadford for years but never quite had time to stop.  Today I did and I’m still not happy with it.  Must try again next time I’m on the island, DV

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