On the …

Two shot on the theme of “On the …”
It was a dull, rainy day but it brightened up late in the afternoon, so I took the opportunity of an hour’s decent light, because it’s all about the light, you know.
DSC_8736-Edit- blog
On the Beach.
Staffin shore, looking towards Flodigarry. There wasn’t much colour in the scene to start with, so I decided mono was the way to go.

DSC_8711-Edit-2-Edit- blog
On the Rocks

Looking out towards Staffin Bay. There is still a surprising amount of green in the grass here, given the time of year. I set out with the intention of doing a low ISO, long exposure on a tripod. This was just the grab shot to get a feel for the scene and it turned out better than the tripod shot. The quality and sharpness are not as good here, but the compo is better IMO.


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