One of those days – 2 November 2015

combo bk
You know those days that start off all dull and drizzly in the morning then the sun shines through and by the afternoon it’s blue skies all around?  Well, this wasn’t one of them.  It started off like one of them, but then it just got duller and damper.  I started an oil painting in the morning.  A real oil painting with real turps or white spirit, because I’m a cheapskate and real linseed oil and proper oil paints, not the water based oils I’ve been using up until now.  I’m not sure it’s working.  Its another one on a square canvas and I feel you have to get the composition right on a square ground or it looks too dull and boring – like the day.  I’ll sleep on it tonight – not literally because that could be quite messy – and consider its fate tomorrow.

What was left of the day was spent baking a loaf which turned out really quite well, sorting out the music better on the new iPhone and dancing at night.  We did two classes which, added to almost two hours at The Garage yesterday put a bit of stress on my poor wee ankle.  I may go and do some gentle exercise at the gym tomorrow and then a swim with a session in the steam room to finish.  Nothing too strenuous.

Today’s photos were taken down by the Luggie.  Dull day, no good light and as we know:

**It’s all about the light**.

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