Perf – 18 April 2015

Today’s plan was a trip to Perth (Perf) to get some coffee beans to try out the coffee grinder from J properly and to make some more of the Café Freddo with Hazy’s strange but excellent infuser with decent coffee, and also to have a run in the sunshine!  Managed to accomplish all tasks, well, still to complete the Café Freddo, but it will be done tomorrow.  Lunch was in The George again and it was really good.  Large table there celebrating a Ruby Wedding.  Weans, maws and dads with granny and grandpa and I think even a great granny.  Highlight for me was when one wee boy asked for pink ice cream – not strawberry, just pink!  A good day.  Went cycling when I came home and got a few macro shots of green blobs.  Managed to get stung by young nettles – they don’t half nip!


Down among the green blobs.  Unfortunately, as well as green blobs, there were also green leaves of nettles and my wrist are still stinging from their little oxalic acid syringes.

Panasonic 45-200mm + 16mm Ext Tube. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Blossom seen in the park at Perth.


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