Rain, Rain, Go Away – 6 October 2015

comboI was up early this morning, just after 7.00, trying to finish off yesterday’s marathon file management work. Eventually got it sorted. Now I’ve got to work out the code to keep it working the way I want. I’ve got a few ideas about how to progress, but they’re a bit clunky. There must be an elegant solution just waiting to be found.

Got fed up sitting in the house watching the rain, so I went in to Glasgow on the train after I finally got parked at the station. That place is a nightmare. I’d hate to have to drive there each morning to get to work. Actually, I’d just hate going to work now 🙂 Thankfully I don’t have to. Got the Pentel brush pen I was looking for to use with #Inktober. Then I got three water brushes in Millers or whatever it is now for less than the cost of one anywhere else. I’m presently writing this on the train on the way home, still looking for that elegant solution.

Harissa Chicken with Chickpeas for dinner tonight, and it actually worked. I’ve given up any ideas I had of going on Bake Off. It’s Masterchef for me now. That way I’ll be able to tell that fat, baldy bastard Wallace to shut his fat face, and cook Harissa Chicken with Chickpeas as my signature dish!

Oh, yes, and the elegant solution I was harping on about? I found it. It was a simple one line rule in Hazel and I could have used it yesterday and saved my wee NAS drive from almost going into meltdown.

I’m fed up with the rain now. Turn off the taps please.

More mono stuff below for Inktober.


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