Silencing the alarms – 17 August 2020

Scamp was out for coffee this afternoon with the core of ‘Gems’. The ‘old guard’ so to speak, although I’d never call them that to their faces.

In the morning we watched and waited for the sun to break through the clouds, but we knew in our heart of hearts that it was never going to happen, but that didn’t stop us watching and waiting some more. We finally gave up and had lunch.

After lunch, Scamp drove off to collect Margie for their coffee afternoon with June. I had great plans to watch and listen to a bit of my new tutorial course on architectural sketching, but first I had to find out what type of battery our CO2 and smoke detectors used. They had been cheeping once or twice a day for about a week, but now they were becoming insistent, beep every hour. Then I’d to wrap up the belated birthday parcel for JIC and post it. The alarms were starting to grate on my nerves, so they were the first to deal with. The smoke alarm was the easiest. It took two AAA batteries and was fixed in a couple of minutes. The CO2 detector took a different battery of course, the only one of the common batteries we didn’t have, the 9v one. I’d get one after I posted the parcel. So, next I dealt with the parcel. With it safely addressed and sealed I walked out into what was now a dreary drizzle, stuck my big clumsy bluetooth headphones and was serenaded all the way to the post office. The architectural sketching would have to wait.

Got the parcel posted and was heading to the Spar shop to get the battery when I saw the little green island in the pavement. Here was my PoD. I called it ‘Island in the Sun’ as it wasn’t an island really and there wasn’t any sun, but at first glance it looked to me like a green tropical island in a rather murky sea. Maybe it was wishful thinking. Got the battery and walked home in a downpour, still being serenaded by Spotify’s Discover Weekly. When I got back, Scamp had returned from her coffee afternoon and seemed to have enjoyed it as much as my visit wit Val, last week. Fixed the CO2 detector and it’s now quietly flashing away every hour or so. Silent at last.

Watched the final episode of series 1 of Line of Duty and I still haven’t watched and listened to the sketching video. Maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow we may get a new modem delivered. Otherwise no real plans.

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