Soggy Bottom Day – 19 October 2015

comboMade some bread last Friday to take to Crawfy & Nancy.  Nancy had asked me to make some for her the next time we went, and I did.  A nice big hollow sounding cob loaf sprinkled with poppy seeds.  It looked lovely.  It’s ages since I’d made a big 500g cob, so I had decided to make one for ourselves today.  I’d got some seed for it when we were in Perth and was hoping it would be as good as C&N’s.  It wasn’t.  It did start out looking good and the second prove seemed to be progressing well, as did the bake, but after it came out of the oven, it just didn’t look right.  It had stuck to the parchment and that’s never happened before.  I suspected it was under baked, but wasn’t sure.  I was after I’d cut it open.  It had a bad case of soggy bottom.  As far as I know there is no cure for this dread bread malady.  It tastes ok, but I’m really not happy with it.  I’ve a feeling the starlings will have a good feed tomorrow.

Went for a walk down the Luggie in the early afternoon.  It was quite uninspiring, but better than being at work or sitting in the house.  Everything is in that in-between state of late autumn.  Colours are dull and the leaves are falling rapidly now.

Tonight we went to salsa class and my ankle took a bit of a beating.  Must rest it tomorrow.  Oh, tomorrow!  Got a text from the Vodies while at salsa to say that the iPhone will be delivered by DPD tomorrow!  Also got an email from Hazy to say she may have forgotten all her Mac tips and tricks (not true), but she can and will help with the iPhone.  You may regret that rash statement Hazy.

So only one more sleep until I get my technology fix for the week!

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