Another day in the sun – 17 August 2015

Another glorious day but it may be the last for a while if the magic weather pixies are to be believed.  The magic weather pixies control most of the bad weather we have suffered this year and they have been on holiday for the last week or so, but it looks like they’ve returned to usher in the rain again, starting tomorrow or so the weather folk say.  Oh well, it was good while it lasted.  I even sat outside for a time this morning just enjoying the warmth.  Caught sight of a bluetit feeding at the peanuts.  I’d have thought the sight of a human so close would have scared him off, but not so.  After all, whose garden is it?  We’ve got papers now to prove that it’s ours, but do the animals and birds have their own feus?  They certainly have their own territories, and from their point of view, we may be trespassing on their land.  It’s all a matter of perspective.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had intended to get the bike out and do some cycling, but the front derailleur needs some adjustment and I’m loath to start it as I just know I’m going to make it worse and then the swearing will start.  So, I decided to put it to the side for a day or two and attempt it on the first rainy day (see above).  Instead, I cleared a space in the back room and set up a photo that’s been in my head for a week or so now.  I’d more or less sorted it out and it was time to put it into practice.  I’m quite happy with the result.  I could go on tweaking it a bit more, but I’m not sure it would improve it greatly ( a bit like the derailleur 😉 ).

That was about it.  Reheated yesterday’s curry and improved it with more chicken and more curry paste.  Went to Salsa class and couldn’t do a thing right.  One of those nights when nothing seemed to work.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Maybe the magic weather pixies will still be unpacking their cases!