Thistle down

This wee thistle looked a bit down today.  I couldn’t blame it.  Wind, rain, sleet and occasional sun seemed to blast it on this second day of 2015.  I was going stir crazy, so I just HAD to get out for an hour or two and chose the hour when the sun was starting to set.  Hence I got my shot of the day.  The only one worth PoD.


DSC_9312-Edit2- blog

Of course, all is not as it seems.  The pic started out like thisDSC_9312- blog

The blob above the thistle is not a dustbunny, it’s a plane on final to Glasgow airport.  I started by removing it in Lightroom.  Having cleaned it up I wanted a bit more colour in the sky so I tried using a colour grad filter in LR, but wasn’t happy with it.  Into PS then and use a colour grad layer in Overlay mode.  Still not happy, so I chose one of the sunset shots I’d taken an hour or so after the thistle shot, placed it above the grad layer and this time chose Multiply mode.  Exported back to LR and did a couple of curve adjustments and we have the sunset shot at the top of the page.

“Some ‘shopping was done.”  A bit of an understatement, similar to “Drink was taken”.

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