Up and out early – 10 April 2015

Up and out around 7.00am and caught the best light of the day I think.  Walked along the old railway from Auchinstarry.  Lunch at Cotton House.  It seems like we are eating out every day!  There will need to a tightening of belts soon.  Managed an hour cycling tonight just because the weather is going to be worse tomorrow according to the weather people.  Possible snow forecast and temp going down from 17º to 7º!

DSC_1569- blog-100-1

This guy kept moving a few yards downstream every time I came near.  I managed to get two clear shots.  This was the best.


I saw these growing wild tonight.  They looked great in the low light.

DSC_1567- blog-100

This was a case of right time, right place, wrong lens.  I’d taken the 70-300 and the 10-20 with me and this needed somewhere about a 40mm which was at home.  I tried 20mm, but it was way too wide and 70mm was too tight.  Only thing to do was to take a bunch of shots with the 70 end of the long lens and stitch them later.  For once Autopano let me down.  Too clunky, lots of jpeg artifacts.  I was forced to use Photoshop and it worked great.  The big problem was a big file, around 2GB!  Even once I’d resized it, it was still massive, but workable.  The mist was real, but I used a little bit of my patented fog brush in Lightroom to accentuate it.


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