combo bA better start to the day than yesterday. Wall to wall sunshine and blue skies with not a cloud to be seen at 8am.

I was torn between going to the gym and cycling for exercise today. Cycling won. You can go to the gym any day, hail, rain or shine, it doesn’t matter. Cycling is best done on the Shine days. Today was definitely a shine day. Unfortunately it was also a windy day with a strong east wind. East winds are usually cold, but today’s was an exception, being nicely warm. I got togged up with my short sleeved cycling top, shorts and walking boots. You see, cycling for me is not just about the joy of the open road, it’s also about getting me to places where I can take photos and walking boots are so much more practical than trainers or cycling boots. Having said that, my cycling boots are actually rock climbing boots, not that I’ve ever climbed rocks wearing them. They are very comfortable, but not practical for walking through bogs searching for damselflies or dragonflies. There were no dragonflies today – far too early, they don’t hatch up here until about August. There were no damselflies either, although it’s almost time for them. They usually appear May – June time, depending on the light and the heat. What I did see was a wee rabbit which sat watching me, deciding on its next move. That move was an extremely fast about turn and away across the field. I liked the yellow blobs – moss fruiting bodies. Usually the blobs are green and there were some of the green variety, but the yellow ones looked that bit different.

Salsa at night for one – Scamp’s shoulder is not fit for salsa yet. We did attempt a bit of bachata, but danced as a couple and didn’t change partners to protect her arm from some of the less careful dancers, of which there are quite a few sometimes.

More sun forecast for tomorrow, but not as hot as today. Maybe a walk tomorrow if the wind is as strong as today. A head wind coming home is not, to quote John Torode “A lovely, lovely thing.”

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