A case for better weather – 16 March 2016

P3160679- flickr--76Today we spent our afternoon in Livingston selecting a case sufficiently large for Scamp to pack for our next holiday although it’s not even on the horizon yet, in fact we haven’t even decided for certain where we’re planning to go. That’s forward thinking for you. I did manage to get myself a waistcoat in a sale, so it wasn’t a total loss for me.

The day started with high cloud and although the east seemed to have better weather than the west, contrary to what the forecasters said, the sun never really got through the cloud. When we were on our way home, the cloud just seemed to get thicker and darker and the light got gloomier.

I went out to get basil to make pesto for dinner and there was just a glimmer of golden light appearing between the cloud and the land, so I took a detour from the road home and grabbed a few shots. Saw some geese flying north, another sign that winter is on the way out for another year. Further on, I saw a field full of geese. I’d have stopped to grab a few shots, but I was on a really narrow, almost single lane, road and couldn’t find a passing place. Another day maybe.

That’s about it for this Wednesday.

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