A Day at the Seaside – 31 January 2017

31 Jan


Today we headed for the market again.  This time we knew it would be open, because it’s closed on a Monday, but today was Tuesday.  It was closed.  It turns out that it’s only open each day from 6am until 10am and we arrived at 10.30.  Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

Part two of today’s plan worked perfectly.  Jaime drove us to Maracas Bay on the north of the island and the weather was superb.  On shore breeze and all the sun, sand and sea you could wish for.  Hired four sun loungers and settled in for the day.  If there was a fly in the ointment, it was the wind which brought in some heavy rollers and as there was a red flag all along the beach, we didn’t get to swim.  That wasn’t a problem for us because there was loads to see all around us.  For lunch M&J introduced us to Shark and Bake.  I watched ours being made and it’s basically fish dipped in batter and then flour and fried in hot oil in a wok.  While it’s cooking the girl rolled out a mini pizza sized piece of dough and deep fried it too in hot oil, also in a wok.  When the dough is puffed up and golden, she takes it out of the oil and slices it almost in half and then rescues the fish from the frier and fills the cooked dough with it.  It sounds disgusting and it probably wasn’t the healthiest meal I’ve had, but it tasted good.

Scamp and I went for a walk from one end of this beach to the other and it felt like paradise.  Jaime says he used to swim from one end to the other.  He probably did, but not on a wild day like today, I think.

Clouds were rolling in from the east and we took our leave of this little slice of paradise, but I hope we can come back some day.  We were right to leave when we did because the heavens opened when we were halfway home and we had some heavy rain for a while, but again we were lucky because we were just on the edge of the storm.

Played Rummikub at the house and got Jaime to play a game with us.  He won!  He’s a natural.

Don’t know exactly what we’re doing tomorrow.  I think it’s a rest day.

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