A Stay at Home Day – 01 February 2017

1 Feb

Today we all agreed would be a stay at home day.  A day of relaxation for us all.

After breakfast, Scamp settled down to some serious reading and I wandered round the garden looking for inspiration.  Apart from Ori the dog, I couldn’t find any.  I settled for some flowers later – oh no, not flowers.  Normally that would be my response, but here, flowers are a much more interesting option.

IMG_3671I had decided to take on the challenge of one sketch every day in February and today was the first day.  The subject was Madeleine’s bird feeders and nesting boxes.  It took a little time because the subjects had very few straight lines, but the result works for me.  Micron 0.3 pen on Moleskine sketchbook.

After the sketching session Scamp and I walked down to the supermarket just to check out the goods on sale there and to make sure that they still stocked chickens feet.

Just a nice lazy day in the sun.

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