I want to go back to Tenerife – 23 November 2015

comboToo much ‘footering‘ today. There’s a good Scottish word for you ‘Footering‘. Just messing around without getting anything done, that’s footering. I had hoped for some dry weather in the morning so I could get out and get some photos, but from early morning it was drizzly rain.
Eventually I got myself organised and went out for a walk with the Oly to St Mo’s in the rain.

I’d seen the armchair yesterday and set it as my target today. Strangely, the weather was ideal for what I wanted to do with the chair. I wanted it to look grungy and it does.

I came upon Mr Grey hunting in the pool and started stalking him. Unfortunately he was watching me all the time. I got a few shots of him, but wasn’t happy with them at all. It was only when he flew off I got a decent shot of him.

I went to the gym and the pool in the afternoon. It looks like the gym will be out of commission for the month of December and that’s only a week away, so for a month it will be swim only and the pool will therefore be mobbed. Let’s hope it’s worth it in the end.

Salsa tonight was Sacr and was brilliant. It looks like we will be getting him for the next two weeks too. I’m looking forward to it.

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