A mixed up sort of day – 26 August 2015


Today started with rain.  Torrential rain, not just ordinary rain, but real thunderstorm stuff, luckily without the actual thunder.  The upside of this was that the rain washed all the seagull crap from my car – I wasn’t looking forward to washing that off myself, so thank you rain.  Got an invite to a retiral night for teachers at my old school who had seen the light at the end of the tunnel and recognised it as sunlight or who had moved on to pastures new.  I was quite glad that I’d been invited.  I know I’ve really enjoyed this last year, and will happily tell them that.  I went in to school to hand in my acceptance, but there seems to be a lot of long faces there and a realisation that this is not what they signed up for.

Had lunch at Milano and spoke to an ex-pupil of mine who works there part time.  Found that she had recently graduated and was now looking forward to the ‘World of Work’ as it is euphemistically known.  Scamp and I have often said that we wouldn’t like to be young now, with all the difficulties that includes.  She, the ex-pupil seemed so happy and I could imagine how she saw her opportunities opening up before her.  Good luck to her, I’m sure she’ll need it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADrove around looking for a subject for PoD and found it after I’d left the school.  It’s a statue of a stag made from what looks like steel reinforcing bars and stands at the front of a local powder coating company’s offices.  It took a while to get a decent angle on the sculpture, but with the help of the excellent Snapheal Pro, I managed to get rid of bits of building and fence that were obstructing the view.  Snapheal Pro is worlds away from the clumsy healing brush in Lightroom 5.  Come on Adobe, get your act together and improve this.

Dancing at night, but no drag of a drive in via the M8.  This time we travelled in comfort by train and subway.  The only what to travel!  Well done Scamp for suggesting it.  Well worth the extra expense.


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