Another coffee with Fred – 9 March 2017

Email from Fred today to say that Val can’t come for coffee.  Scamp went out in the morning to meet Isobel and I did a bit of painting, then went to meet Fred.  We talked for a while and drank some dire Costa coffee.  I wish there was somewhere else to go with decent coffee in Cumbersheugh.  After that, I drove home and got my gardening instructions from Isobel.  It looks like we will have to fork over the entire grassed area of the back garden, then spread sharp sand over it.  Final suggestion is to dig a trench along the back wall and fill it with rubble to help drain the grassed area.  That’s a lot of work to drain a swamp.  I’d much rather just get an alligator or two and some catfish.  Then it will be a real swamp.

With an hour or two of sunlight left, I took a walk to St Mo’s and got some photos of broom flowers and also some clay masks the school pupils stick to trees in the woods at this time of year.  To add some colour and sunshine, I’ve included some T&T photos to brighten your day.

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