Cold and Frosty – 6 December 2020

It was really quite frosty this morning with still a little bit of snow on the hills. Cold.

It didn’t look like there was going to be much walking done today with icy paths and roads. Scamp didn’t fancy going out at all and spent most of the day Christmassing the house even more. I must admit it does feel festive now. Not something I’d have considered in a ‘normal’ year, but this hasn’t been a normal year by any measure.

After lunch I took the cameras, two of them, out to St Mo’s in search of the elusive ladybirds. Only one today and that was burrowed into a crevice in the tree on the shadow side, so even the Oly had a hard time focusing on it and with the shutter speed of 1/8th sec, I wasn’t going to get anything worthwhile, so I gave up and went looking for a landscapes shot. Finally found what I was looking for with an early sunset sky reflecting on the wee pond on the edge of the woods. There was just the hint of mist forming and I knew if I waited a while that mist would thicken up and it did. I took a few shots and then decided it was time to head home, because the sun was indeed setting.

As usual it took a few minutes to frame and grab the shot and an hour or so to convert it into something I was satisfied with. I managed to beef up the mist and then added a few bits of extra frost to the grass in the foreground. ‘Cheating’, Scamp calls it. I say it’s just emphasising what’s already there.

Spoke to JIC in the evening and wished him well in the final part of his Cranfield course. Heard that they were having similar weather to us with mist and fog and cold. No snow though!

Watched an interesting if slightly confused F1 GP. Felt sorry for George Russell trying to do his best with a completely disorganised Mercedes pit crew. I think they must have got them from Rent-A-Numpty. Two disastrous tyre changes robbed him of a win. Bottas on the other hand robbed himself.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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