First thoughts on Corralejo – 5 March 2016

P3050281- flickr--72--65We are sitting on the balcony with industrial strength G&Ts. This, after “Cooncil” (ie, all-inclusive, local spirit) mojitos and G&Ts and a few beers. Not impressed with the weather.  It’s a bit cool, but still doable. It’s the wind that keeps the temperature down. Went for a short walk along the beach, but swiftly headed for the shelter of the beachside houses. Food in the hotel is fine. Actually quite impressed. Rooms are fine. Nothing fancy, but sufficient for our needs. It’s strange that the temperature is higher after the sun sets, presumably because the wind dies down then. Hoping to go for a walk tomorrow. You know how Scamp loves her walks. Possibly heading in to town. That’s CORRALEJO TOWN, not TOONIE or THE TOON. Just so we’re clear. This isn’t Kansas, Toto.

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