Formula 1 and a walk in the park – 23 August 2015

DSC_3412- blog--235If yesterday was a lazy day, today was even lazier.  The ‘highlight’ of today was watching a boring Formula 1 race from Belgium.  After that, I took a walk to St Mo’s where I startled a deer in the chest high grass, not twoDSC_3445- blog--235 metres from me.  Unfortunately it was a young deer and as the grass was thick as well as chest high, I couldn’t get a clear shot at it – with the camera.  No animals were injured on this deer hunt.  I walked to the small pond and found not one, but four common hawker dragonflies circling the pond edge and occasionally dogfighting above it.  All were too quick to catch.  Well, I did catch one on camera, on the wing, but the image just wasn’t good enough to post.  I may go out tomorrow if the weather is good (unlikely it seems 🙁 ).  I didn’t feel like chasing the deer today, so settled for a few flower shots and one of a hoverfly. Difficult shots to get as it was warm but very windy.  More frames than normal ending up on the cutting room floor.

Dinner tonight was braised Short RIb.  Similar to the Dinosaur bone and almost as tasty.

Lazy days are good too.

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