Heading East – 6 February 2016

combo bWe tried to go to Falkirk today, but got as far as the outskirts when we met the traffic. Everyone seemed to want to go to Falkirk today. We didn’t. We turned and went out over the Kincardine Bridge and drove to Culross. It was a short visit, because as soon as we got out of the car the rain came on and it was bitterly cold. Up until then it had been fairly bright with no sign of the wet stuff. I took some photos around the pier and jetty at Culross but Scamp was looking really cold and miserable sitting around waiting for me, so we headed back west again and went to Milano’s for lunch.

Not much else to report about the day other than there seems to be a morons convention going on next door. Mostly it seems to revolve around them trying to talk.  They seem to have mastered shouting, but are failing to understand the technical aspects of controlling their sound level. I think the bloke’s dog is teaching them, but it’s an uphill task and may be beyond him.

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