Heady Heights – 6 March 2017

Today, while Scamp was enjoying the prodding, lazeringand manipulation that is physiotherapy, I was putting the finishing touches to a painting.  With that done, I started into the dishes that were left over from last night’s dinner.  I imagine all painters have this dichotomy in their lives.  After that, I faked yesterday’s blog – sorry.  Sometimes even pensioners don’t have enough time to complete their commitments.

After lunch and while Gems were congregating, I headed off to scale the heights of Cumbersheugh Town Centre, to seek out the mysteries of the Library.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I darkened its doors, but today I rolled away the stone blocking access and entered this eyrie on top of Cumbrsheugh’s monstrous TC.  It was much airier than I remember it and much friendlier.  I was looking for a book by Ann Blockley and, there it was on the shelf!  I’d thought of buying it, but decided that it would be much more sensible to rent it from the library instead.  Then it was back to the deadends and blocked passages of the TC.  I was just thinking that it would be an excellent place to film a zombie apocalypse horror.  You wouldn’t even need to employ any actors as the zombies who inhabit this building would be perfect for the roles.

With the book firmly in my hot little hand, I got back to the car safely without any problems from the zombies.  I thought I might get some big sky shots up near Fannyside Loch – a name that seems to create gales of laughter from anyone you talk to.  It was indeed a good sky and one of my shots of it are above.  The air must be really clean on this open moorland, because there are many patches of clean, fresh looking moss and lichen, both indicators of air quality and they make up the other shots from today.

We made great time getting in to Glasgow for Salsa classes tonight, with CITRAC reporting 19mins to the airport.  Typically on a Wednesday, it’s 29 or even 39minutes for the same journey.  Tonight the moves to torture us were El Nino and Cubaanse (a lengthy 11 bar monster).  Still good fun.

Perth tomorrow, hopefully – tea and coffee capital of Scotland.

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