It started out nice – 26 June 2016

26 JuneIt did start out nice today, but then it went downhill by about 14 o’clock, that’s 2pm to you. Rain swept in and forgot to sweep out again. The furthest I got today was Tesco. Couldn’t even interest myself in a walk over to St Mo’s, that’s how bad it was. Scamp has still got the cold she picked up coming home and can’t seem to shift it. Remembered to take some pics of the new fence so you can see what a difference its made. Yes, the garden does look bigger, but that’s because you can’t see the forest of plants behind me. Lots of planning to be done before we put things back in their new places. I only want to do it once, because these plant pots are really heavy.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow. There’s always tomorrow.

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