Mr Bass Man


Went into the toon today for a wee wander, having slipped the leash again. Really did enjoy dotting in and out of the art shops picking a selection of paints for my next monsterpiece. It’s amazing that the slashed price box sets are actually more costly than buying single tubes of paint now that colleges are back and all the art shops are trying to undercut each other. Anyway, eventually settled on four tubes of colour. Two by old faithful Galleria and two by an unknown to me, but apparently well rated new company. Will hopefully get a chance to test them out over the weekend.

Today’s picture is the bass player from a cheery wee group of singers and musicians who can be heard all around Glasgow and all across the central belt, and belt it out they do. Maybe not the most accomplished artists and their repertoire may not be the widest, but what they lack in technique they make up for in enthusiasm.


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