Off to buy a suitable rose pot – 15 July 2020

A new rose needed a new pot.

Drove to Calders. Their selection didn’t meet with our approval, but we did get a big bag of compost to fill the pot when we did find a suitable one. Drove round the corner to B&Q, but they had even less. Gave up and came home for lunch.

After lunch we drove to Torwood in Larbert and found the same pot as Gertrude is in. The last one in the shop. We took it. Scamp found a twirly round lighty up thing. That’s the best description I can give. It’s a solar powered garden ornament shaped like sort of spiral. The spiral gives it a gentle spring effect. Lots of lights in it, just warm white lights this time, not multicoloured. So you see, “a twirly round lighty up thing” was a fairly accurate description. She also got a bar of Fry’s chocolate and I got a bag of Edinburgh Rock, for going.

Back home Scamp got busy mixing up compost and getting the rose settled in its pot, while I potted up about ten chilli plants which were rapidly outgrowing their little pots. That took most of the afternoon. I’d been feeling a bit down today, so Scamp offered to make dinner and chased me out to go for a walk in St Mo’s to lose the wee black monkey on my shoulder. It partly worked, but I didn’t get any photos. Nothing inspired me to take the camera out of the bag. Lots of teenagers hanging around the park. I suppose Scamp’s right when she says there’s nothing for them around here and they can’t travel in to Glasgow because nobody wants to travel on public transport these days.

Dinner was Pea & Prawn Risotto and it was brilliant. Ages since we’ve had it and it has to be one of Scamp’s signature dishes.

PoD was a close up of one of the jalapeño flowers.

Tomorrow we may drive in to Glasgow to see if it has wakened up from its long sleep yet.

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