Our Day in the Sun – 9 March 2016

IMG_3105- flickr--73--69What can I say, it’s been a day of wall to wall sunshine. Why, it’s almost like being on holiday! After breakfast we settled ourselves on two sunbeds next to the pool (and more importantly, the pool bar) and haven’t moved except to get drinks and food. It’s now almost 4.30pm and we’ve been here since about 10.00am. Might go for a walk to the beach later. So this is what being on holiday is like!

It’s amazing the things you promise yourself, the lies you tell too. We didn’t move until the man came to clear away the sun beds. After dinner we went to watch the Kids Club and then it was time for more rum ‘n’ cokes ( Scamp) and mojitos (me). That’s where we are now, ensconced in the lobby bar. Drinking to another sunny day tomorrow.

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