Perf (in the rain) – 10 August 2016

10 aug bWe intended going to Perf on the bus, but after a slight misunderstanding about bus times, we discovered that we’d just missed the connecting bus, so I drove us instead.

We had just arrived in Perf when the rain came on.  It had been threatening all the way up the road, but now the threat became a reality.  I’d only really come to Perf to get my coffee and tea supplies.  After I’d got those necessities, Perf (in the rain) was our oyster.  I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Perf (in the rain), but it’s not exactly the entertainment centre of the universe.  Once you’ve been round the shops and the St John’s centre, there’s not much more to do.  That was it today.  If we’d gone on the bus, we’d probably have had to wait an hour (in the rain) at the Perf bus station which makes the rest of Perf look like Las Vegas.  Now we could drive home whenever we were ready.  Maybe it was a good idea to drive after all.

The rain didn’t really stop all the way home and so it continued after we got back to Cumbersheugh.  Today’s shots were just grab shots.  One taken in the front garden braced against the window sill and the other taken from the back window in the living room.  Sometimes it’s the grab shots that are the best ones.

Looks like more rain again tomorrow, even for Perf.

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