Summer comes to Scotland – 3 June 2015

It’s been a sunny day (with some showers of course – it is still Scotland!).  Went to Stirling and felt overdressed in the warm afternoon sun.  By the time we came home there was no time to take any photos as I was on cooking duty – voluntarily I must add.  Pizza for dinner ( the unhealthy option, but very tasty).  Dancing tonight.  One hour of the utter hell that chooses to call itself Kizomba.  Actually it’s just two self-centred girls showing off to each other and us and along the way teaching us the odd step of what could be and interesting and very sensual dance.  The dance itself is good.  We’ve tried it a year or two ago with a real teacher.  His grasp of English may not have been great, but boy could he put his point across.  These two are just amateurs pretending they can teach.  I really feel sorry for the ones in the class who have never had the opportunity to see it danced by a real, talented teacher.  Thankfully, this was our last class.  After a 25 minute lecture on how to move and ‘musicology‘, if felt like giving up the will to live.  I almost walked out, it was so bad.  Never will I attend any of the classes by these self-styled teachers again.  Fin!

IMG_2578-Edit- blog-154After the Kizomba Katastrophe I really needed Jamie G’s salsa class to lift my spirits, and it did!  When I came out there was a mayfly sitting on the windscreen of the car.  Of course, I didn’t have a camera, but I did have my iPhone.  Unfortunately it took so long for the camera app to load and focus, the mayfly took off and left me with a blank windscreen.  Then I saw the reflection on the roof of the car.  The red roof acted like a Claude mirror and reduced the reflection to the kind of monochrome IMG_2579- blog-154although mine was a red monochrome as seen here.  Drove to the end of Park Road and saw the wonderful view of Glasgow Uni against a glowing sky and couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  This time the iPhone worked perfectly, as all good Apple products should.  The weather folk say the magic fairies are whispering that summer has gone again for a few days.  Oh dear!