V Day – 13 February 2021

Vaccination day for me today. It’s a long wait until 4.40pm!

I just couldn’t settle today. Bobby Flavell, our neighbour, and I had agreed to travel up to the vaccination centre on the bus. What paranoia that created. Travelling in the closed confines of a bus! With other people on board! Would we survive? Bobby couldn’t get his car out to drive there and I couldn’t be sure of getting mine back into a parking space when we returned. Besides which, so many DPD, Argos and other delivery vans bombing up our snow covered street meant there had been a couple of bumps and a lot of near misses. The bus seemed the sensible option.

As it happened, it was the driver, Bobby and I on the bus. It didn’t even have to stop all the way to the Muirfield. We even got dropped off almost right at the door, meaning we were there about half an hour early.

We waited in the first queue to have our basic details taken then a quick temperature check and we were into the second queue.
Next stop was the verification of our letter, confirmation of our details and formal agreement to have the vaccine.
The next station was where things almost went pear shaped. Here we had to list any medication we were on and any allergies we had. I explained that I have had a severe allergic reaction to certain shellfish. This seemed to raise a flag because some vaccines use shellfish extract as a transmission agent. I’m not sure if that was the exact description or not, I just had this vision of all the planning, re-planning  and checking out we’d gone through to get here and then being told, “Sorry mate. This one will kill you, not cure you”. However, all was well. I was getting the Astra-Zeneca vaccine which doesn’t use shellfish.
On to the table with those bright red syringes in their box. The actual vaccination was a bit of an anti-climax. The only problem was that with the allergy problem I’d to sit for 15 minutes to make sure everything was ok, while Bobby was off scot free. However, like a good neighbour he waited for me in the anteroom and we caught the bus home. Done!

Today’s PoD celebrated the occasion with my Mini-Me, Zog, taking my place and the nurse ready with what looks like a very big syringe! I’d planned it in the afternoon and it took all of five minutes to set up and take.

Dancing in the evening with a Valentine’s Zoom Dance. Great fun as usual, and maybe more so because we can actually participate in a few more dances, although the waltz and quickstep are taking second place to the more compact sequence dances as space is limited in our living room. Still good fun.

No time to do a sketch or painting, but that was to be expected on such a busy day. As you will realise, this is another catch-up blog post.

Hopefully on Sunday I will clear my feet and I’ll be able to start on Monday with a clean sheet.

We had more snow on Saturday, only a light covering and the temperature is starting to rise. Sunday might see the beginning of a much needed thaw. May go out to get the essentials for dinner, that’s all.

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