We went for a spin – 12 February 2021

Yesterday we dug the car out and today we were taking it for a quick run to find the way into the Vaccination Centre.

The place was called The Muirfield Centre and before that it was Muirfield Primary school. Confusingly it’s still called The Muirfield Centre, but it’s a completely new building in a slightly different position. The access road we used to know no longer leads to it. However the new road (are you still with me) was easy to locate as there were signs pointing out the way. Found it. Car park was mobbed of course, but we weren’t waiting, we were just driving back home again today.

Parking back at the house was a bit dodgy and after a bit of wheel spin we dug the car a track through the ice to allow it to reverse into our space. All well.

After lunch we went for a walk round Broadwood Loch. We wore the YakTrax and were glad we did. Bits of the path were covered in a couple of centimetres of solid ice. Most of the water of the loch was thawed although there was a skin of ice in places. For once, all the geese, ducks and swans had moved en masse away from the car park and the free food, to the other side of the loch to gossip, paddle in the water and slide on the ice. It made an interesting photo, but PoD turned out to be a couple of folk waking under the trees across the loch from us.

After dinner, Scamp wasn’t feeling too well and ended up being sick. We think it might have been the mayonnaise in her tuna and baked potato that caused it. She went to bed early with Nurse Zog making sure she was comfortable every fifteen minutes or so.

I did, however manage to slap some paint on one of my sketch books to produce a reply to the prompt of “Meadow”. We don’t really have meadows in Scotland. We have fields, but not meadows.

We have been promised more snow tomorrow with the prospect of rain on Sunday. Thank goodness. When did we last wish for rain?

As you will have gathered, this is a catch up blog post and I can assure my readers that Scamp is fit and well and happily tidying things up today.


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