White Rabbits (x3) – 1 November 2019

It’s traditional on the first day of the month to say “White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits”. Well, it’s traditional in this house anyway.

It was wet when we woke and it stayed that way all day. Eventually Scamp encouraged me to join her on a safari through the wet rainforest to the new shops. There we found our quarry, a pack of pancakes some chicken thighs and some ready-made flatbreads. Enough for dinner tonight we thought.

I was tempted to take another route home via St Mo’s and allow Scamp to carry the bags part way home, but that would be a bit unfair and I decided I was wet enough without an extra trudge through the muddy St Mo’s.

Back home, and after completing yesterday’s Sudoku, I started to make some pakora to go with the curry. I overestimated the amount of ingredients and ended up with far too much pakora. Luckily Scamp offered to scoff all the cauliflower pakora and I did the same with the onion bhajis. The result was we never did have the curry. We simply didn’t have enough room.

The rain did ease off for a while today after we returned from the shops, but not enough to encourage me out again.

PoD was a raindrop on a bush on the way to the shops. It was just a dull, wet day.

Tomorrow Scamp is going singing and I’m going to immerse myself in Cuba. All will become clear, I hope.

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