A lesson in sketching – 1 October 2015

comboI started a self portrait, not a selfie. I don’t take selfies. I sometimes take SPs, that’s self portraits to you. Totally different from the ubiquitous selfie. Thankfully the selfie-sticks are dropping in price now which might mean that if you are lucky enough to be in Venice or Rome, there is less chance of you being poked in the eye with a extensible metal wand with a camera stuck on the front. I wonder how many cameras have been nicked from ingenuous tourists holding these miniature fishing rods. Anyway, I started a SP this morning, a painting. Tonight it is painted over. Tomorrow is another day. I met FP for a coffee and a chat today. I told him about the SP and he promptly entered into a detailed lesson on drawing a portrait. That’s why tonight, my SP is covered in blue paint. Tomorrow, as I said, is another day. Hopefully a better one now that I have a roadmap as guidance. Thanks FP.

After the lesson and fizzing with caffein, I got the train into Glasgow. I was another stunning day. I’d never have believed that we could have weather like this in October. Apparently it will last out the weekend and then we’ll be back to “Scottish Weather” next week. I tried a multiple exposure of my building in Queen Street, but it didn’t work. I’m going to try it again once I’ve worked out how to handle the multiple exposure setting on the Oly.

Early bed tonight to be at my best for my SP tomorrow morning. Yes, I’ve lots more blue paint ready just in case.

This photo below is for the Inktober challenge.  31 sketches in 31 days.

Inktober 1/31
Inktober 1/31

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