Workflow Problems


I always shoot in Raw these days. I’ve been shooting in this format for nigh on twelve years. I gives real flexibility for post processing, but as a backup, I add a medium quality JPEG. It’s useful for viewing on a tablet when I’ve not got the laptop with me. When I download my pics I use Hazel to strip the JPEG files out to my NAS storage drive so they don’t clog up the Mac’s HD. Hazel also files the images for me by date in a folder on the NAS. Recently this has become cluttered and I want to sort them more methodically so that they are filed by month in a folder and then by date within that folder. I started what should have been a simple rearrangement this morning. It’s still doing it now at 11.55pm!! I thought the NAS drive was supposed to speed up my workflow, but it looks like that’s not the case.

It rained today. First rain we’ve had in weeks and it seems as if it’s going to stay for a few more days. Oh well, the farmers have their hay cut and the the gardens need the rain. We’ve had a pretty dry September and for the first few days of October it’s been better than average. Still hoping for more late sun this month. We can but hope.

Better pleased with today’s monochrome landscape. Pen and wash.


Flying through the air in an armchair – 4 October 2015

IMG_2742- blog--277--277Sitting in a metal tube waiting to be lifted thousands of feet in the air above the UK. What was it somebody said about flying through the air in an armchair?  So it’s goodbye to London for another wee while. Hazy and ND’A were great hosts as usual and the party was a blast. Everything running with the usual D’A combination of humour and efficiency. Back to “Auld claes and purrich” as a wise man once said.

Inktober No 4

Need to take more time with this sketching lark.


Angels, Markets and Parties – 3 October 2015

comboWe went to Angel to meet JIC and Sim. All organised and planned by Hazy and ND’A (thanks again folks). After a bum steer with a dodgy looking Indian/Mexican dive and finding a tank in the process(!), finally settled on Jamie’s Italian restaurant and had an enjoyable lunch (Italian sausage and pappardelle for me). Then went for a walk around a small market we’d visited before with Hazy. Some strange things for sale there. Numerous stalls selling spoons and fish-knives(‘?’ again) and other things that will not be mentioned for fear of nightmares – just don’t ask! Some beautiful opportunities for photos in the low afternoon light, especially with the 9mm and 20mm lenses. After that JIC and Sim went for their train and we did the same. Scamp was in a bit of a rush to get back to Hazy’s, to make sure we’d be ready for the party. I’d rather have had a wander around Kings Cross, or even better Vauxhall. I really want to have a go at photographing those riverside buildings. They are quite a favourite of mine, but obviously not as good as the one on Ingram Street in Glasgow. We agreed to disagree on timings and I left Vauxhall for another day. I need more practise anyway, to do them justice. Got some more photos of grapes in Hazy and ND’A’s garden. Then it was time for the party.

In the usual D’A style, this was a party not to be missed. Food, drink, dancing, speeches, laughs. These people really know how to enjoy themselves. It took my breath away the first time I met them and seemed too good to be true. It’s not. It’s just the way they are, and they are an object lesson for the rest of us. I admire them in so many ways. Anyway, we all had a great time and although Hazy didn’t stay long, I’m sure she too had a good time. When it was time for the last dance I was so disappointed, I hadn’t noticed the time passing. After we helped clearing up the hall, ND’A drove us home and we had to get ourselves organised for the journey back up the road.

A short trip, but a lot crammed in.

As I said, “… I need more practise anyway, to do them justice.”


A Message from Engerland – 2 October 2015

IMG_2738- blog--277--275-1So here we are in Engerland again. Good flight down with great views of the sunset as we jockeyed for position in the line for landing. ND’A was waiting for us. I still can’t get used to the new car!

This morning I redid the SP and it looks a bit more like me and a bit less scary if that’s not an oxymoron!!

Early bed tonight before the big day tomorrow. Meeting JIC and Sim at The Angel tube station. It’ll be like being in a Monopoly game!

Below is the inktober entry for 2 October.


A lesson in sketching – 1 October 2015

comboI started a self portrait, not a selfie. I don’t take selfies. I sometimes take SPs, that’s self portraits to you. Totally different from the ubiquitous selfie. Thankfully the selfie-sticks are dropping in price now which might mean that if you are lucky enough to be in Venice or Rome, there is less chance of you being poked in the eye with a extensible metal wand with a camera stuck on the front. I wonder how many cameras have been nicked from ingenuous tourists holding these miniature fishing rods. Anyway, I started a SP this morning, a painting. Tonight it is painted over. Tomorrow is another day. I met FP for a coffee and a chat today. I told him about the SP and he promptly entered into a detailed lesson on drawing a portrait. That’s why tonight, my SP is covered in blue paint. Tomorrow, as I said, is another day. Hopefully a better one now that I have a roadmap as guidance. Thanks FP.

After the lesson and fizzing with caffein, I got the train into Glasgow. I was another stunning day. I’d never have believed that we could have weather like this in October. Apparently it will last out the weekend and then we’ll be back to “Scottish Weather” next week. I tried a multiple exposure of my building in Queen Street, but it didn’t work. I’m going to try it again once I’ve worked out how to handle the multiple exposure setting on the Oly.

Early bed tonight to be at my best for my SP tomorrow morning. Yes, I’ve lots more blue paint ready just in case.

This photo below is for the Inktober challenge.  31 sketches in 31 days.

Inktober 1/31
Inktober 1/31