A day of two halves – 8 September 2015

comboA very different day from yesterday. This morning it is much cooler,cloudier and breezier. I’m standing by the pond at St Mo’s and there’s no sign of yesterday’s mist. Managed to startle two deer about 200 yards (metres) from home. Camera was still switched off in the bag. One day I’ll learn. Dull morning walk with nothing to recommend it. Stood watching a dragonfly checking me out, doing flypasts. It never landed once in the time I watched it. Got one shot of a snail and a spider on a dry cow parsley stem, but had to reduce it to mono as the ISO was 25600! An incredible number, unthinkable a few years ago. I liked the colours combinations (red/green) in a shot of rowan berries and leaves. The colour contrasts seemed to brighten the scene.

In the afternoon I got another chance to cycle a known route and was impressed that I was using much higher gears than normal into a headwind on the way home. Maybe the gym is increasing my cycling stamina. It will take a few more tests before I’m sure if I’m becoming fitter or not. It can’t be doing me any harm. Couldn’t see anything that inspired me to get the camera out of the bag. The light just wasn’t good and it’s all about the light of course. I did want to capture the corn bales before they were carted off to the farm. They look so much better before they are wrapped up in black poly, no matter how useful it is to the farmers.

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