An Asymmetric Day – 6 September 2015

IMG_2708-Edit- blog--249One of those asymmetric days. The morning was all laid back and lazy after a late night yesterday. The afternoon followed suit with me doing very little except try to get a .bash script to execute so I can pull in WordPress entries into Day One entries. It all seemed easy, but it’s still not solved. May have to contact the writer to see what I’m doing wrong.

That was the easy part of the day. Late afternoon, we went dancing in the now upgraded and almost total darkness of the Garage. Do they think this looks chic? It looks shite to me. However, I expect it saves a packet on lighting. After that it was home to make the dinner – Chicken Curry if you must know. After that we watched a really boring F1 GP from Monza. For once I was glad it was only the highlights. If that was the highlights, I’d hate to see the boring bits! Then dishes needed washing and by that time the little hand on the clock was pointing to the 10 and the big one was pointing to the twelve and I still hadn’t done POD or Flickr or anything that I should have, so here I am at 11.12 finishing the blog.

Good Night

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