Bright again – 10 February 2016

combo bAnother bright day, but frosty this morning. Thermometer was showing only 0.1ºc at 8.30 when I was making breakfast, so just a wee bit cool.

Scamp was going out visiting today, so I had the afternoon to myself. I did venture out, but only as far as the supermarket and then back to do a bit of painting. Nothing for general consumption yet, but enjoying slapping the paint on. Later on I decided I’d better try to get some photos taken. I went down the Luggie burn for a change and got a decent shot of the only snowdrop I’ve seen down there. There are more to come, but none want to show themselves yet. Probably waiting for warmer days. I also found lots of catkins of different varieties. So if the snowdrops are out and the catkins are out, hopefully spring will be just around the corner.

I’m still not happy with the images I’m getting with the Tamron (Sorry to harp on about this Jic), so I decided to build myself another lens tester. For some reason I’ve deleted (or more likely a dodgy program called File Juggler – avoid like the plague) has deleted the AutoCad files for it from my PC. Then I found that some kind person had uploaded a PDF of almost the same model as mine. I printed it out last night and am hoping to assemble the model tomorrow to check if the D7000 is back or front focusing, which might be causing the lack of sharpness. If it’s not that, then the lens is going back to the Tamron hospital to have it looked at.

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