Christmas Day – 25 December 2020

This was always going to be a busy day, but also a happy one.

Opened our prezzies in the morning and as usual, I had more to open than Scamp, but she got a few surprises in her big box with the silver ribbon. It was just the big box her new Kipling bag had come in, but it looked impressive. After the great openings and the even greater packing of the cardboard into the blue recycling bin, the real work of the day started.

We had a Zoom call arranged with JIC & Sim and Hazy & NeilD at 1pm. Before that Scamp had today’s pudding to make in the slow cooker, today’s PoD had to be taken and it’s a family tradition, so it had to be done right. The turkey had to come out of the fridge to warm up and I had to make myself look presentable. We achieved all of that and got the table cleared too just in time for the call.

It was really good to see everyone, even if it was digitally. Zoom is such a clever tool for everyone and is what everyone needs in these awkward times and also at this highly emotional time of year. We were all very careful and everyone got a chance to speak to everyone else. I couldn’t believe just how fast that hour went, but it did. It simply disappeared. We must do it again soon.

Back to the grind, although there was very little for me to do, except finish clearing the table and getting the dishes out of the highest shelf in the cupboard. I also had time to post today’s PoD which is of Fairy Nuff, the fairy who doesn’t sit at the top of the tree. She lives in a display cabinet most of the year, but does get out at Christmas.

I was in charge of the turkey and managed not to burn myself basting the bird. With military precision, Scamp got all the veg cooked perfectly and everything came together at the right time. The pudding too turned out as well as last time. I carved the turkey, something I don’t ever remember doing before. Food was great, just as I’d expect it to be with Scamp in charge. However, for the first time in years, I felt that I overate. Just too much of everything. We had a small bottle of Tokaji sweet dessert wine in addition to half a bottle of red. Too much of a good thing doesn’t always work. That’s why I’m going to have an early night to hopefully sleep off my excesses.

I hope all my readers had a great day today because the unlucky ones can look forward to day one of a 21 day Lockdown from tomorrow.

Tomorrow looks decidedly wet for us. We were hoping to be able to walk off some of today’s overeating, but that may not be possible. It might be a case of climbing the stairs and descending about fifty times plus a half hour dancing practise to achieve the same step count.

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