Extra! Extra! – 6 June 2016

6 june bI got the train in to Glasgow today.  The fast train, but also a bit of mystery tour.  What should have been a 15 min journey took just over half an hour.  The reason was the closure of the tunnel at Queen Street Station.  They are electrifying the line and are using that as a chance to repair the tunnel that hasn’t had any decent work done in it for over forty years.  I knew it would be a long journey, but I wanted to experience the trip through stations I hadn’t been to in ages.  Ashfield, Dawsholm Park, Maryhill.  All names from the past.  I quite enjoyed it.

I’d gone in to Glasgow to get a 37mm UV filter for my new toy, the 12-32mm lens.  This 37mm diameter piece of glass cost me £18 in Merchant City Cameras in Parnie Street.  That’s almost 50p per millimeter.  Ok, pedants, I know it’s not really 50p per mm, but 3.4p per mm² doesn’t have the same gravitas!

While I was coming to terms with the hole this filter had made in my finances, I noticed the crowd outside the Trans Europe Cafe in Parnie Street.  It looked like a Lights, Camera, Action thing and after talking to one of the extras, well, I think he was an extra, it wasn’t Johnny Depp.  I’m sure I’d have notice him if he was there.  Anyway, the extra told me that it was a comedy being made for Netflix.  I don’t think I’ll ever see it, because we don’t have a Netflix, just a ‘cooncil telly’.

Got the rattliest bus ever home and sat in the garden to soak up as much of the sun as possible while Gems went through their paces.  Thunder storms and heavy rain forecast for tomorrow.  Coming home from salsa tonight, even the CITRAC signs were forecasting heavy rain and they are never wrong (sarcasm).

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