Flooers – 3 May 2016

combo bFlooers is a sign that I didn’t find my muse today.

The morning was a bit frantic waiting for the lady to come to give us a quote for a new boiler.  The final figure was a bit more than Scamp or I had anticipated, but we knew it was going to be the most expensive.  We were quite intrigued with the amount that heating technology has advanced in the fifteen odd years since we had our present boiler installed.  Then, smart phones were an inventor’s dream.  Today you can control your boiler remotely from anywhere in the world with a smart phone.  Whether we can do that control, in fact whether we will need to perform that degree of control will depend on the final cost.  Another quote coming tomorrow.

I finished an acrylic painting today.  Not finished to my satisfaction, but like Whistler allegedly said, “I intend to do no more to it.”  I think it’s already about an inch thick in paint in some places.  Later, after dinner, I did a few wee delicate (for me) watercolours, teeny wee things, but I like them.  Something I saw in a gallery in Stirling.

Photographs were hard to come by today, or to be more exact, subjects were.  I’ve watched Scamp’s Forest Flame gaining in colour day by day and now the flowers are out, they’ve almost reached their maximum colour intensity.  The flowers are quite insignificant compared to the bright red of the sprouting leaves.  Dandelions are a favourite of mine.  I like the ragged looking yellow head and when the time comes, I love the dandelion clock with the little ‘ballerinas’.

Early rise tomorrow to take Scamp’s car in for MOT, then more technology overload with another quote for a new boiler.  Oh what fun!

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