Flutterbies and Bikes – 08 May 2015

I decided that today was the day for getting the bike out and getting some exercise and some photos of course.  It was good to get away from the roads and on to the paths for a change.  It’s no fun cycling on the roads these days.  Today I cycled along the canal to Kirkintilloch, well almost.  Got a few shots, yes, still testing the lens, still not sure.  Anyway, as usual, I learned a bit more about the world as a result.  To be exact, today it was Biology that was under the spotlight:

DSC_1996- blog-128

I noticed the white butterfly with the orange spots while out cycling today.  Nearby there was another plain white butterfly.  What I didn’t notice until tonight were the two variegated winged insects above and below the Orange Tip.  After checking with Mr Google, I think I can say that they are female Orange Tips and the one in the middle is a male.


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