Green Fingers – 14 April 2016

CROWN- flickr--105Turned to my gardening side today and planted onions and peas, two rows of each. That and a coffee with Fred was my lot for today. Another uninspiring day that started well, then fell away.

Today’s photo kind of sums up the day, uninspired. I decided to use Comic Life to add some text to the Weemen picture. I’d forgotten just how awkward this app is to use. Clumsy isn’t the word for it, it’s just a nightmare. I got mine for free from work, but I see it’s on the App Store for £22.99. For £2.99 it might be worth the money, but it’s not worth any more than that. Version 1 was good, but version 2 became unwieldy and simply too much trouble for what it produces. I think it goes back in the box again and I’ll forget it for another year or so.

Brightest lights today were a phone call from Hazy, coffee with Fred and dinner from Sheila. Even today’s sudoku was a nightmare. Tomorrow will be better.

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