Dickheads, Dobbies and Dough – 15 April 2016

comboToday was compressed into the afternoon.  We didn’t do much in the morning, but after lunch we went to the pool to test our theory that Friday afternoons are the best for swimming.

It would have been apart from a family of dickheads (isn’t it nice to be able to say what you feel without some censor redacting part of your prose).  The Dickhead family seemed to think that they owned the pool and freely ignored the signs that said ‘No Jumping’ and ‘No Diving’.  Still, the pool was big enough to accommodate us all, especially after I ‘accidentally’ swam right into Dickhead Junior when he stood right in front of me.  I could have avoided him, but why bother.  That’s what he expected me to do.  You must expect the unexpected.  I did smile and say “sorry”.  After that the Dickheads were no more trouble.

Went to Dobbies for a coffee and a browse round.  Scamp wanted compost and some more pots for hers and stuff.  We had our coffee and after discussion, decided that it was too wet to get the compost, better to wait for a dry day.  The pots were no use without the compost, so we crossed them off the list too.  Did get some seed potatoes and nasturtium seeds.  Plenty of time for compost since low temperatures are predicted for the weekend and I don’t think we’d be planting anything out in cold weather

Made some dough for pizzas for dinner and went for a walk to St Mo’s while the dough proved (rising process).  Got there and found I’d brought the wrong lens.  Not to worry, I’d just use what I had and change my subjects accordingly.  What I got were more shots of the leaves on 13th April which I now think are Dogwood leaves, thanks to The Beechgrove Garden. The other shots are of blackened rosehips and green shaving brushes from Larch trees.

After a miserable day with on and off rain, the sky cleared when I got back and blue sky moved in.  To be expected really as the forecast is for frost and ice overnight and a clear sky would pave the way for that.

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