It Rained – 6 January 2017

All day it poured water from the sky. The only photo I got worth its name was the one above. I took it when I was heading over to Condorrat to post the calendars. So, to my readers, you should be receiving them in the next few days.

The five star Sudoku puzzle for Fridays are very, very difficult, Hazy, and to JIC and Sim, the hamper is going down, but going down nicely if you know what I mean. Red wine was lovely (so were the jelly beans!). White wine is in the fridge, chilling.

There being nothing more I can say about today other than we’re going out for dinner at Crawford & Nancy’s in Larky, and hoping for a drier day tomorrow, with maybe, just maybe a touch of sunshine, I’ll post this early for a change.

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