Just a Friday – 27 November 2015

combo2Drizzly rain all day today.  Sorted out the hazel problem first thing.  It was actually sorted last night, well the programming was sorted, it was just the putting into practise that needed to be done today.  Made some bread after that and kept back a pizza sized piece for my dinner tonight.  Scamp was going out for her retirement lunch so it was just dinner for one.

Scamp’s radio which she uses in the mornings wasn’t working and although I had jury rigged a solution of sorts, I decided to get her a new one for the five working days she still needs one for.  First I took her to the restaurant and then I went for a swim.  No gym today, my ankle is too sore.  The pool was brilliant.  Much warmer than the pool in the hotel in Tenerife!  Took in a trip to the sauna and the steam room too.  One girl in the steam room was complaining that there was a lot of steam in the room, she thought it should be dry.  The OTHER   fitness centre she went to had a hot room without all that steam.  I explained to her that the sauna was next door and this was a steam room.  Her next complaint was that the seats were too hard.  Why didn’t they have cushions.  Apparently OTHER fitness centres have soft seats in their hot rooms.  I left her to her complaints.

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