Mind The Gap – 26 January 2017

Train to Embra from Croy.  Train from Embra to London Kings Cross.  Train from London Kings Cross to Gatwick Airport.  That was our training for the day.  More exhausting than a day at the gym

Earlier in the day I’d taken the rubbish and the old gin, wine and beer bottles to the recycling centre, and that’s where I found today’s picture which for once is not a the top of the blog.  I’m hoping to rectify it tomorrow.  If you’re desperate to find it, you can look at my Flickr feed.  Just use yesterday’s link and you’ll see Big Ted and Little Ted liming in the sun.

After that, it was taxi to the station and then the train to Embra, first class to keep us away from the plebs.

Went to Platform 19 and found the train already in and boarding.  Then the old lady in front of us got down on her knees and started reaching down between the train and the platform to retrieve … a shocked looking terrier that had fallen down the gap between train and platform and was dangling by its leash!  Lucky dog.  It seemed none the worse for its experience after it recovered from the shock.  Never seen that before.

Uneventful train trip down to London.  Sunny at first, but then the mist and fog came in and the sun disappeared.  Drank too much and ate too little.

Decided to risk the rush hour on the tube and it wasn’t too bad a journey from KC to VIctoria where we got on the Gatwick Express.  Unfortunately, the train had problems and the driver explained that he was going to turn everything off for three to five minutes.  I think that’s called a reboot in computer terms.  It worked.  The ZX81 that runs the train kicked into life and off we went.  Got off the train at Gatwick and found the Hilton.  That’s where we are now.

Just finished our dinner in the restaurant.  Mini Fish & Chips for Scamp.  Burger and Chips for me.  Washed down with a lager each.  Most enjoyable.

Early start for us tomorrow.  Hpoing for clear skies.



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