Oh what a beautiful morning – 23 January 2017

Not such a beautiful day.

Went out early on Scamp’s recommendation to get some photos in the remains of the overnight frost and in the watery sunshine.  Glad I did go out when I did, because the temperature rose sufficiently to melt the frost and the clouds rolled in to hide the sun, making it just another milky sky day.

Lost for something to do while Gems were practising, and after processing the photos, I got yesterday’s cloth and started on the beta version of the bowtie.  It took me until the early evening to get it finished, but it’s done now and although it’s not perfect, it is pretty much like what I wanted.  Made a mistake with sewing together the two halves of the first side and had to cut off the mistake should have stitch ripped out the sewing.  The upshot of cutting off the mistake was the tie was about 20/25mm too short.  It’s a strangling bowtie.  However, as I said, it’s the beta version and much better than the alpha version made from an old pillow slip.  This one I can wear (as long as I don’t have to breathe).  Onward and upward as they say.

Scamp didn’t want to risk Salsa class tonight on account of her recently removed stitches, so I stayed home too.  Sort of regretted it later, but it did allow me to finish the sewing.

That’s about it for the day’s adventures.  I think I’ll need to get a dog.  I keep getting strange looks from the dog-walkers over at the pond.  They can’t understand why I’m walking around with a big black bag and no dog.  Maybe they think I’ve got a wee dog, just a tiny wee one and I keep it in my bag.  Maybe they think I’m a dog thief.  Nobody seems to walk there without a dog.  A girl today told me her dog’s “pure scerred” of men (scerred rhymes with heard).  It might have been scared, but it was doing its fair share of growling at me.  It was a mongrel, but there was a decent bit of Ridgeback in its genealogy and I was getting “pure scerred”of it too before it loped off to give a collie a good sniffing.  At least she didn’t ask me if I had my tiny wee dog in my bag.  I was only joking about getting a dog, by the way.  We’ve enough to contend with, with the two fluffy, yappy things on one side of us and the howling wolf look-a-likes on the other side.  Strangely I just realised today that since the howlers started, the yappy things haven’t yapped.  Maybe there’s a hierarchy of vocal communication among dogs.  I must ask the girl with the “pure scerred” Ridgeback cross.

My PoD was the little silver beads which were in reality thawed frost on cowparsley heads.  It’s amazing what the macro lens shows you.

Oh yes, and the other thing I did today was finally put the Christmas decorations in the loft to rest until December.  A bit late, but not nearly the latest its been.

Tomorrow looks like it will be a lot like today.  I’ll be bag packing and clearing up from the bowtie construction, so I doubt if I’ll notice.

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