Remnants of a former glory – 22 January 2017

Drove in to Glasgow because Scamp wanted to get a new travel bag.  She found one in Debenhams and while she was there, I perused Cass Art, but there were no great bargains to be had.

Coffee in Cafe Nero and then we were done, well almost.  I spotted a Remnant Kings  on the first floor across the road and we went in to have a browse.  I found a piece of cloth printed with bow ties to make a bow tie.  Should look good.  When we came out I was amazed at the decoration on the landing outside the shop.  That’s where the photos came from.  It never ceases to amaze me, the decoration that’s in closes and stair wells in Glasgow.

Came home and the sky hadn’t changed at all.  Still milky white with no shadows.  Felt hemmed in, so went out for a walk around St Mo’s but saw nothing interesting and therefore photographed nothing.

Added a photo of the new bow tie cloth.

It appears that the screamers AKA Gems will be having a debrief tomorrow after their gig last week.  It seems that a recording contract may be in the offing.  I’ll be elsewhere, whatever the weather.

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