Quarts and Pint Pots – 17 October 2015

comboIsn’t it nice (horrible word ‘nice‘, but it fits) to be a passenger instead of a driver sometimes?  Not in a deeply philosophical way, but probably that too, no, just that Scamp very kindly offered to drive today. The journey to Perth was lovely ( better than ‘nice’).  Scenery was great with perfect autumnal lighting.  Got some tea (leaf tea) and coffee beans, had a walk along the river and then went for lunch to Howies new restaurant.  Not a lot, you see, but in a way, that’s the beauty of it.  We didn’t do much.  The last three or four weekends have been a bit of a blur:

  • London for Notting Hill
  • London for the 40th Wedding Party
  • Skye
This morning, I re-read the emails from Vodafone and the iPhone 5s is out of stock

and they are going to contact me in three days, not deliver it then.  At first I was a bit annoyed, but then thought, well, what difference does it make.  Now if it’s going to take three weeks rather than three days, that will be a different story and I may have to write another, more pointed email to the Vodies.

Strangely, today I was taking some photos with my present 32GB iPhone and the message insufficient storage to save photo appeared.  Tonight I cleared out a few apps and a few music files.  Enough to release about 2.5GB.  Now I have to work out just how much of my music I can cram into 16GB (well realistically 14GB useable space) and still leave enough room for apps and photos.

Quarts and Pint Pots.

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